Our story, your present

Torre Palombara is an intimate and romantic retreat full of charme built around a tower from 15th century. Our family who has owned the house from its beginnings made a renovation accurate in every detail in order to preserve the history and the beauty of the place. We love Torre Palombara and taking care of the house and its beautiful garden. 

Torre Palombara has a fascinating history: it was originally built in the 15th century as a “Dove Tower“.

These structures were among the first to be built outside of the fortified towns and “borghi” in the region and were originally used for farming.

Over the centuries more parts were added to the tower and so it became a country estate. In a loving restauration, which took us seven years, we have brouht back to light the original beauty of the villa and its details.

Since the 15th century Torre Palombara has always belonged to our family, which is why we are deeply attached to this place and love to take care of it with all our heart.

Today we welcome travellers warmly and offer attentive and discreet hospitality, sharing our knowledge of the territory and traditions of Umbria, creating a relaxing atmosphere to feel truly “at home” in an elegant and refined environment.

At Torre Palombara you will find the true meaning of Umbrian hospitality


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