Torre Palombara has a fascinating history: it was originally built in the 15th century as a “Dove Tower“. These structures were among the first built outside of the fortified towns and “borghi” in the region and were originally used for farming. Over the centuries they were expanded and transformed into country residences

Today the original beauty of the Torre Palombara and its details have been brought back to light and lovingly restored. While staying in this historic Villa, our guests can still enjoy its charming and unique architecture while still being lulled by cooing doves that continue to find rest in the ancient tower

When staying at Torre Palombara our guests will encounter the true, warm, and personal Umbrian hospitality, with total discretion and privacy. The charming, remote and elegant setting will let you have a truly relaxing stay, while allowing you to explore and discover the many traditions of this extraordinary region, its food, crafts, arts and history.

Umbria is also a land of exquisite flavors, genuine food and unique dishes, which can be relished in our rich breakfast as well as in the exclusive evenings with typical Umbrian cuisine that can be organized on request in the panoramic terrace of the Villa. At Torre Palombara you will find the true meaning of Umbrian hospitality!

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