Historical Hotel for your holidays in Umbria

Experience the enchantment of a tower, lulled by cooing doves

Torre Palombara has a fascinating and charming history: the historic residence was originally built in the 15th Century as a ‘Dove Tower’ for the purpose of attracting doves and farming.

These structures, located alongside the roads between the castles and villages of the Umbrian countryside, were some of the first forms of architecture outside fortified villages (‘borghi’) such as Narni, Spoleto, Assisi, Montefalco and Bevagna.

During the 17th Century, these towers were gradually transformed to the use of the Nobility, which made them their country residences and the tower became a part of a bigger and richer Villa, with more areas being added to the central body of the tower.

Today the original beauty of Torre Palombara and many of its ancient and original details, have been brought back to light after a loving and caring restoration.

In the seven beautiful and romantic suites, you can still enjoy the charm of this unique architecture and be lulled by the cooing doves that still find rest in the ancient tower.

Torre Palombara is a unique family owned country villa & Resort where to enjoy true Umbrian hospitality and relive its ancient history and charm.