The Speco of Saint Francis

20 July 2014
Lo Speco di San Francesco

While staying at Torre Palombara, you should also follow the paths of San Francesco (Saint Francis) of Assisi. San Francesco, patron saint of animals, the environment and one of the two patron saints of Italy (with Catherine of Siena) is certainly one of the most famous sons of Umbria.

The Speco Francescano is located only a few kilometers away from Narni and it is one of the most authentic and well preserved sanctuaries of San Francesco. It was founded by him in 1213 and it  perfectly represents the spirit and characteristics of this saint: mystic, peaceful and loving.

It is immersed in a green valley, with a small cloister (“chiostro”) dating back to the 13th century, when San Bernardino of Siena built the dormitory. The beautiful chapel of San Silvestro can be found in the cloister, with wonderful frescos from the twelfth century. Near the church you can find the big crevice in the rock, “the Speco”, which was San Francesco’s favorite place to pray and medidate.