Activities in the region


Rafting & Parachuting

For those who like more active sports and experiences, in the immediate vicinity of Torre Palombara it is possible to do parachute jumping in one of the most established centres in Italy. The Valnerina valley and the Marmore Waterfalls also offer numerous options for those who enjoy rafting and other water sports.


Truffle Hunting

Umbria is lucky enough to have a wonderful climate for growing truffles. Truffles are not grown on farms but are brought to our plates by truffle-hunters, who, with the help of specially trained dogs, seek truffles during predominantly the colder months, although certain types of truffles (“scorsone”) are also found during the summer. Truffles are [...]

foto cascata delle marmore3

Marmore Waterfalls

The Marmore Falls, celebrated during the centuries for their beauty, appear like a roaming water column distributed on three drops. Wrapping the flora in a cloud of white foam , cover a height of 165 metres. The scenery that opens to the visitors’ eyes is men-made since centuries, fwhen the Romans tried to canalize the waters of the Velino river to [...]


Narni underground

For those who loves art and history, Narni Sotterranea offers a suggestive guided tour in the underground city. During this visit you can admire the basement of the old convent of San Domenico with an adjoining church frescoes from the 13th and 14th C., a roman cistern and a cell full of graffiti made by [...]